1. I love how many double takes this picture gives you. I keep seeing that I’ve seen it, and then realize, no, not yet, there’s more.

  2. Love this image, looks like it’s been staged but obviously can’t have been. All the horizontals and verticals make for a perfect composition love it

  3. Carl, Juha: I have to admit that framing this image was more by gut reaction than careful deliberation and selection of what to include or exclude. I just had a feeling, that the main elements and the dark sky would go well together. Even the square format I had thought of (and finalised in postprocessing, as the SLR shows only 2 meager markers in the viewfinder) could only be selected tentatively, as balancing on a little wall did not allow too much variation with a prime lens on the camera.

    The more glad I am that it came out so well, and that it contains those trigger points that I did not include intentionally.

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