Blue Sky Bavaria

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Bayerisch Gmain

This sky, especially when dotted with white clouds like in the mirrored section, is what was made emblematic – and then abused by tourist agencies and politicians – for Bavaria.


  1. The more something is promoted the more immune or numb the public becomes to it requiring an even greater promotion for the same required results — a never ending cycle. Thus I believe only some of what I read and see in advertisement/promotional material…even if it’s all true.

    An interesting image with the mirror/screen.

  2. There is something about this image that has lodged in my brain. Ever since I first saw it last week, I keep seeing again in my mind’s eye. It’s strange how some pictures can do that.

    1. Colin, admittedly I was not in love at first sight with this image. Instead it took me a week of re-visiting it until I decided to post it. But now I have developed a fondness for several details – the inclination of the mirror post, the dotted white clouds in the reflection, the tree shadow on the wall, to name only a few.

    1. Martina, our government party of 60+ years and, back then, 60+ percent of the votes, has invented Bavaria the Beautiful with its white and blue sky, and as a sign of their liberalitas it allows irregularly shaped clouds, as long as they don’t lean towards the ‘Left’ party 😉

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