Munich Morning

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Munich Train Station

Commuting by train offers time for reading or programming, but unlike traveling by car, only limited occasions for photography. Nevertheless, approaching the station means not only packing book and/or laptop, but also unpacking the camera for the 5 minutes walk to the office. When asked beforehand I would have negated that this could mean any quality time for photography, but experience has taught me different – quite a number of keepers resulted from these short walks on always the same path.


  1. A first glance would make one think this image was simpler then it is. It’s actually very complex with many different pieces, but in this composition it all works making whole greater then the sum of the pieces. I’ve spent some time taking in all the details.

    1. Earl, yes, I also started with my fascination for sky and facade and then decided to include more foreground, as it seems to perfectly connect heaven with the life on earth. And despite of the commuting rush in the morning, for me this image still captures some quiet serenity.

  2. Regular commute helps to get over the most obvious and think of the details. Routine, known environment, only minor changes each day, perfect opportunity to get see smaller parts. Only time is short…

    1. Myn.pheos, you are certainly right, and I have similar experiences from our familiar holiday resort: After having got the obvious images out of the way, now I see the details there much better. In the end that would mean that I wont have to travel so much any more.

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