1. I just had to comment again, as somehow the word “concrete” popped up when I thought about this photograph.

    There is a nice story (don’t know if true) about Donald Knuth, who once lectured a course titled “concrete mathematics”. The lecture hall was packed, as students thought that concrete = non-abstract, thus easy. When Knuth started lecturing, he told that on this course concrete means “hard”. Only a few students were left after that…

    Could one use the term “concrete photography” in the same sense as Knuth used “concrete mathematics”?

    Anyway, making photographs like this one is very hard.

  2. My eyes scaneed the image from top to bottom which is unusual in itself. When I reached the car, I was almost shocked. It’s presence is quite incongruous but in any other composition it wouldn’t have been. I suppose that’s the power that a photograph has in influencing our reactions.

  3. Thanks, Juha and Colin. Occasions such as this are rare, where even seemingly disturbing elements like the car become a necessary ingredient of the image composition. Getting as concrete as possible, leaving out all frills, creates a quite terse visual experience. I am glad that you, too, enjoy such visual essentials.

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