1. Amazing, especially with the orange feet…and quite humorous in terms of shape. Did you shoot that through a sail on a sailboat?

  2. I just can’t work this one out. I don’t think it can be a shadow because of the darker foot and it looks like it might be a print on some material. Go on, enlighten us!

  3. Martha, Colin: Martha got it right, it just wasn’t a sail but a beige horizontal tarpaulin with the sun not completely vertical. The shadow of the seagull is not completely dark because of the overall lighting, but as it’s feet are semitransparent, they shone in that dark orange.

  4. This works well – it is abstract and concrete at the same time. Last year I had a somewhat similar subject, but I think it didn’t work as well as here – the gull is so much closer and this makes it strong.

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