1. Andreas, thanks! I would have always objected the theory that a different camera could boost creativity, but it seems that it did. That said I am already longing for my SLR (which I sent in for adjustment of the AF) – it’s the viewfinder that I miss. But the stealth/undercover mode of the LX3 is rewarding, nobody simply takes notice of someone holding a “toy” at arms length from his face.

  1. Markus, a wonderful moment noticed and captured. I agree with Andreas, I’ve been greatly enjoying your latest images.

    1. Earl, I’d say I was lucky while being attentive and non-distracted – it’s this combination that works best. Walking with family or friends rarely works, and trying too hard doesn’t work as well.

    1. Humor in other than the mother tongue can be dangerous, but here I was lucky. I am glad you enjoyed it, Colin!

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