Twilight Car

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Carl Weese recently showed a diptych of cinema ads and cars, here, so a twilight scenery advertising the (in Germandy new) twilight series, makes up a nice complement. And from the sceneries I’ve seen from that TV-event, cars do play a major role there. But then, I’m neither in cars nor in TV, which I both see more a necessary evil than something attractive I’d like to spend my time with…


  1. Nice catch with the moving car, Markus. I should admit to sharing the typical American fascination with cars, but TV, not so much. In fact I haven’t watched—as in being a regular viewer—a TV program in decades. I do sometimes watch breaking news or commentary on same, but not often. I guess that’s really atypical today.

    1. I am in a privileged situation regarding cars, as I am in the position of not being dependant on private transport, so there can be weeks going on without me sitting in our car. And probably typically German, I see the dark sides of uninhibited automobilistic growth maybe a bit more explicit, also in regards to global politics and consequences. All that dampens my preference and technical fascination a good deal.
      Re. TV it’s very simple: I don’t have the time for it if I want to pursue my photographic activities additionally to my day job. And it’s made easy by the low level of the TV program, the only exception being a really small number of broadcasts of the public – never the private – stations. But I do enjoy listening to the radio, next to a Bavarian station wwoz.org is my favourite.

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