Still Wrapped Up

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On the island of Krk, tourist season still has not fully started, clearly visibly through those caravans. Christo would have liked the wrappings, but in reality the look almost a bit out of this world.


  1. Wonderful subject. Does this mean that these caravans (we’d say “trailers” in the states) stay in one place all the time and wait for use in the summer? That would be like the typical American “mobile home” which moves only once in its entire service life, when hauled from the factory to the trailer park.

    1. Carl, these trailers belong to a Czech company that has them stationed here in Krk and rents them to Czech guests including local guides and tour arrangements. This for sure is not the normal usage of trailers in Europe: Depening on the camping grounds there is always a small percentage of permanently installed trailers, but probably 80% are really hauled from place to place. Here in this special case it seems to be a bit of a end-of-lifetime usage.

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