1. We had these in Germany, too. Konsum (where I grew up the stress was on the first syllable) was Coop’s predecessor. Don’t you remember? 😉

    1. In Bavaria they were rare, but I do remember having seen them in Austria. But those times are long ago, as are Coop’s.

    1. This holds true with many of the post-socialist countries I have seen: They don’t waste time with romanticising the old times, which weren’t too good for them to live in. But still, the speed of transition sometimes is a bit frightening for me. The seem to be decided to repeat all our mistakes.

    1. 1966 that was? No wonder that I don’t remember Cognac ads – I just started school back then 🙂
      Just learned that Konsum also was an important brand also in the former GDR.

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