Setting up the Maypole

Just across the Austrian Border, the traditional costume association “D’ Lattenberger” set up the maypole in the museum village of Grossgmain. Instead of the blue-sky-green-grass sceneries I’d like to present some details which make pretty much the essence of the procedure – which is the important thing, not the final result itself.


  1. This is a real wonderful little series about this tradition. (Okay, the first photo I saw showed a beer :-)) However, these photos are really life-like – non-touristy.

    1. Martina, beer is *the* fuel here. The whole process stopped for 15 minutes when one of the actors signalled thirst. Only after the waiter having brought beer for all they were able to continue.

  2. Markus, I would imagine the beer has become very much a part of the tradition. I agree with Martina, these photo are interesting and have a very personal feel to them, non-touristy. I enjoy subjects like this and I appreciate you presenting them here in photos.

    1. Earl, thanks. You’ve made probably a similar experience with nearby subjects – first there are the postcard shots (nothing wrong with them, and it is a challenge to get better ones than the already existing), but with growing familiarity the focus changes and you see the significant details. At least that is what happens to me in many variations.

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