Giacometti’s Hand / Ghost

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The museum of Winterthur, Switzerland, has closed its premises for renovation and lent its collection to the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art for exhibition. What  made the visit even more enjoyable, was the fact that photographing was not prohibited, as it is so often in museums. I have to admit that this makes me somewhat angry, as we tax payers have provided the ressources to erect or maintain those buildings and often also to collect the exhibited pieces of art. And I do remember my angry feelings when in the Bilbao Guggenheim I was forced to seal my p&s camera in an opaque plastic bag after having shelled out quite some bucks as entrance fee.

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But not so in Salzburg, where the presentation offered some possibilities to see and photograph artwork in new perspectives. And were it not for the exhibition, the architecture of the museum alone would be worth a visit. Unspectacular from the outside, the staircases and funnels create exciting interior situations.

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