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The title of course is an hommage to Otto Steinert and his famous “Einfussgänger”, here on artnet.

I did not much postprocessing in bibble5, just a careful enhancement of the red color of the shoes. In retrospect it seems like a wonder to me that I managed to frame this so perfectly that any further cropping was unnecessary.

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Update: The wallpapers for April are here. Enjoy.


  1. I love the “feel” of this photo with the long shadows, detail of the sidewalk and blurred pedestrians — It’s calm but has a lot of energy as well. Well done!

  2. Earl, Martina: thanks for your remarks. I had already made one exposure when I saw some passengers approaching the tramway stop. Nowing what I wanted to achieve, I dialed in the highest f-stop and managed to bring the shutter speed down to 1/8th of a second, sufficient for the blur. At other times of the day that would have been impossible without a ND filter, so I was lucky.

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