Spring On Sale

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Running errands the whole day, occasions for photography were rare, but sufficient for one spring image: at least in the shop displays we are offered a colorful spring. In the wild circumstances are different with night temperatures down to 2°C and tulips still hiding in the earth. Snowdrops are abundant, as are Corydalis (I didn’t find a translation for ‘Lerchensporn’) and, in some places, daffodils. The intensive pink at the moment still has a price tag in Euros, but nature will provide it, too, in some days from now.

I was following my old passion for selective sharpness again. Focused very near, even at 16mm focal length and f3.5, a blurred background is no technical problem on an APS-C sensor. Besides the normal bibble raw conversion I applied local contrast enhancement in gimp and some selective sharpening just on the flower in the foreground.

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