Snake in the Lake

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Thumsee is the home of many grass snakes (or ring snakes, natrix natrix), which find enough protected areas to hunt for prey and raise their breed. But now of course they all rest, usually in dry caves or piles of rotten leaves. But their “gestalt” stays vivid in the shape of some old, half drowned wood.


  1. beautiful love the crisp white page…and the snake in the water..great pov as well…hope spring is heading your way it is soooo close to ours… I am seeking spring.

    1. Debra, the weather becomes slowly warmer, and this transition makes up for beautiful sceneries (which I couldn’t capture, sitting in the commuter’s train). But spring will come, and with it, I fear, my allergies 🙁 But fine light, a bit brighter days are definitely what I will welcome.

    1. Well, on March 16th he’s probably on the way to the pub 🙂
      And thinking of it: maybe he’s the reason that we have all the snakes of Ireland here in Thumsee…

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