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Today I spent some time in the corridor of an administrative building, waiting in vain for a meeting.  Such an environment in literature usually is described in words that try to express absolute and ultimate bleakness, and I admit that this is really not the best way to spend one’s time. But in wise providence I had brought the camera with the 11-18mm lens, and that not so dreary place rewarded me with some images I like.


  1. Markus, I really love that third photo of the stairway with all the angles, lines and tones…wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Earl. Staircases could become a long term project of mine – something that can be followed throughout the year, and with the high iso – low noise of the modern cameras it can be done without a tripod.

  2. For a German (I suppose) administrative building this is very chic – usually one sees this 50’s buildings, corridors painted in hospital-colours – light yellow or beige to calm the visitors, >.->

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