Always turn ‘Round

. Tagged with Vienna, Wien
Always turn . Tagged with Vienna, Wien

A business trip to vienna gave me the opportunity to stroll through this beautiful city for some hours. My old obsession for doors found sufficient visual food here, but additionally the entrance halls behind the doors provided some wonderful sceneries. And luckily enough I turned around to enjoy the opposite vista as well.

More doors to come tomorrow.


  1. Markus, really nice soft light coming through those doors and illuminating the fine details of the hallways. It’s not an easy balance of exposure to make but you’ve done a wonderful job with it in these photos.

    Turning around, that’s something I’ve always taken to heart as I can’t remember or count the number of times I’ve been focused on one scene only to turn and be amazed by another, in many cases better then the first.

    1. Earl, this was definitely a challenging light situation for the sensor – but the Sony A700 (which uses the same sensor as the Nikon D300) did really well. I had to apply a healthy dose of “fill light” in bibble, but thanks to the low ISO this did not result in visible noise.

      Re. learning to turn around: more than once my wife has advised me to do so when my slow fiddling with the scenery was boring her. And more than once she was right, so now I quite often do remind myself.

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