Not waiting for guests anymore

Wandering along some paths not that frequented any more I came along that bench which seems to be quite advanced on its way back into a primordial level in nature’s circuit. The more frequent guests here are probably chipmunks and birds for whom the capacity of the wooden boards should still be sufficient.

The dark colors of the evening light were quite challenging again, and to get that dark mood back into the image I finally resorted to a vignetting-like mask in lightzone. For quite a while I hadn’t used this program any more, but here the application of the relight tool to carefully improve the detail structures in the leaves gave me the results I wanted. And as this image was made with a tripod, the sophisticated noise reduction of bibble was not necessary.


  1. that’s sure the bench abandoned all hope to have some guests, but she goes back to nature and in this case it’s a wonderful arresting picture.

  2. I have a weakness for empty benches and distant paths so of course this photo greatly appeals to me. It speaks to me of the temporary, ever changing status of things. People find temporary rest upon benches and this particular bench has about reached the end of it’s temporary existence, to be reclaimed by the earth and nature. Well composed, Markus!

  3. Just out of curiosity: Isn’t Bibble using Noiseninja for noise reduction? Or do they now use their own tools?

  4. @Thomas: Yes, bibble uses Noise Ninja, even the pro version if you have a registration code. At the moment all bibble users wait desparately for the version 5 to get ready. The speed, especially through the threading and using of all processor cores, is amazing, and the conversion quality is excellent.


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