It is forbidden to…

found at the entrance of a private park, open to the public.


  1. It’s forbidden to wear a t-shirt?
    It ‘s a nice photo, especially the perspective with the fence disappearing in the dark background.

    I am not so sure about the park – on one hand it’s nice to open a private park to the public and the owner has every right to forbid anything. On the other hand … I don’t think I would have entered. Did you?

  2. Nice photo (as usual!). Very forbidding park, though. I share Juha’s perplexity over the t-shirt ruling. I wonder what their stand on pants is?

  3. Thanks for all the responses. The owner of the park is the Radisson Blue hotel chain and the park is part of the hotel garden. Now they try to enforce a certain code of conduct for the public. I was astonished that they saw it necessary to be so explicit about defecating humans/dogs…

    @Martina: Oh yes, I did enter this park (cameras are not forbidden) as it offers a nice pond with bridge and many old trees. In fact my excursion into bokeography started right here: http://markus-spring.info/wp/2009/10/solitary-leaf-or-i-got-it/
    The place is good, about the owners I can’t say anything.

    @Juha, Stephen: Enforcing a dress code in this park is a bit funny, because the hotel guests are allowed to swim in the pond. I am just wondering if they have to wear a t-shirt, too…

  4. Nice photo – on the one hand it seems to be a typcial Germanism (more signs and rules than any sane person can digest). One the other hand it looks as if most signs ask for something that should be kind of self-evident… (except perhaps the bike and the T-shirt).

  5. 🙂 It’s funny to see that you’re allowed to and not allowed to. I guess it’s okay than if I poop and the dog pees and so on. Nice capture!

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