1. Markus, when read the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” as a child this was what I was imagining. Wonderful photo and title. I have to ask how you came about taking this photo?

  2. @Earl: I have to admit that the title came only afterwards, when reviewing my images. I had taken my daughter for a late-afternoon walk in already fading daylight. Luckily she is patient enough to allow her father to set up the tripod and take his time for photography, and sometimes she even allows me to take her picture. As I do want to protect her privacy, I usually don’t publish images where she could be recognized, so after taking some snaps for the family I asked her to turn around and pretend to walk. The light was really low, allowing only 1/13s speed at ISO 320, so I was glad that she really stood like a statue.

  3. Well, it was Rotkäppchen when I was little, then it was Lord of the Rings and now it’s any other fairytale… 🙂

    I like the photo, with its dreamlike atmosphere. It’s even a tad melancholic. May I suggest some small PS (or GIMP) cosmetics: That piece of sky (smoke?) in the upper right corner attracts quite a bit of attention, maybe one could clone it out? And the same goes for the blue-green leafs in the middle of the lower rim – although it might be harder to completely get rid of them. Maybe just toning them down?

  4. Hm, seems like I am the only one who is not reminded of Rotkäppchen but of “Don’t look now”, the movie by Nicolas Roeg …

  5. @Thomas: You are right, these bright regions were distracting. But the gimp rescued me :))

    @Martina: I looked up the plot of “Don’t look now” – more than unsettling! If I had known it already I might have repressed this…

  6. Yes, Thomas, I was hesitating yesterday with this allusion to “Don’t look now” because of its plot. But since in my opinion that is what photos should do to us – i.e. make us ponder, remember, think, feel – my comment was meant to be totally positive. “Don’t look now” is a very visual-driven movie, many scenes photography-like, it is one of these movies that have shots you never ever forget (yes, of course, that is just my personal taste ;-)).

  7. Martina, nothing wrong with your allusion, and I did in no way see it in another than positive way. I recognize only now that my answer was formulated wrong and inviting a misunderstandign: I wanted to say that I would have repressed my remembering or that film – and not your comment. I am really sorry for creating such an impression.

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