Decaying Surfboard

Living throughout the year in a small town in the alps, everything in a harbour is potentially interesting. At sunrise I found these reminders of a ‘HiFly’ windsurfer, turned into plastic trash over the years, hazardous waste if you would take it really correctly – but nobody does bother here.

The small series is visibly now on my gallery-website-to-be, still under a makeshift domain name here.

As soon as I have finished the works over there, I will shift the blog, too. But hardening the blog against attacks is serious work, and I don’t want to hurry this. Experience has taught me that amount of time necessery to clean up after a successful attack is a multitude of the amount to be invested before.


  1. Even looking at the other images in your gallery it's almost impossible to guess this once was a sleek windboard.

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