Autumn Maple

After a greyish morning the weather became really fine in the afternoon, with warm and slightly golden sunlight, a fine match for the leaves that have not yet started their descent from summer’s green into autumn yellow and brown.

Autumn Maple(2) In the city, where the temperatures yet don’t become really low at night, the geranium plants in the flower flower boxes still show their full colors. Geranium are traditional adornment for the houses here in Bavaria. They require however daily care in form of removing the old leaves and dry blossoms, otherwise the start to degrade only too fast, blaming their owners as careless.


  1. I really liked the image on the façades, with the geranium plants. They are old fashioned but I really love them (there are so many types you can’t really get tired of them). Can agree on that they require daily care, but that’s something I give with pleasure.

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