taking the camera always with me has become a habit since quite some time. it helps me to get into that feeling where the images come to me and i do not have to fuzz too much about photographing but can merely react and cut out that noteworthy slice of time. but i still cannot toggle this feeling – sometimes it is there and i can see 10 good sceneries in an hour, and sometimes nothing comes. getting distracted by company very often but not always is an adverse factor, so is nervousness, but also the wilful intent to find images.

Usually however, attentiveness and a certain ease of mood seems to motivate the muses to come and kiss me.

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  1. Hmm … actually what I do is first, always have a camera with me, and second, trying to always follow any impulse. I'm still bad at it, I still miss many good images, because I put impulses away, but consciously trying does help.

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