street encounter

the wet weather here in bavaria was not only in the headlines of the yellow press. even serious newspapers ask meteorologists for scientific explanations and/or longer-term forecasts – which are impossible to give for our geographic situation. the only reliable trends are for higher average temperatures, but this is not so surprising. and for local weather in the next 2 weeks it doesn’t determine anything. and umbrellas keep being accessoire du jour.

but the bad weather makes it easier to set aside some time to read sofobomo books. i started to read the books of photographers whom i already knew from their blogs but quite soon got hooked and peeped into other books – only to the effect that i have a reading list now and am quite determined to read all of them. i hope i can finish before next sofobomo starts…


  1. Nice study in speed and rain. The comparatively huge blank surface of the car works fine as a contrast to the drizzly rain.

    Oh, we have 25 Grad degrees, sunshine and never ending daylight up here… 🙂

  2. Love the motion in this. Great work.

    I think we've seen the sun once in June! It has been terrible this summer…cold and wet.

  3. Lovely, and a perfect instance of serendipity (which probably took persistence to obtain) for all the elements to come together.

    It's wet here in New England as well–we had to pick broccoli from our garden last night because it was beginning to rot before it was fully mature. Just constant wet.

  4. Carl, this image came closest to my intentions of showing the susceptibility of pedestrians to getting soaked vs. that swank boldness of the cars.

    Here the humid weather continues and shows its effect in the flower beds, too: where they should be covered with green and blossoms, you see earth and decaying plant parts.

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