sofobomo 09: batticaloa fishermen

finally my sofobomo 09 theme has found me: the fishermen of batticaloa. since 2005 i try to spend the early morning hours of my missions to batticaloa on the beach, and over the time i got more and more acquainted with them. since quite some time i planned either a small exhibition or a pod-book on this topic, so using it for sofobomo is just natural.

sofobomo 09: batticaloa fishermen(2) the next evenings i will spend with bibble5 – the preview 2.1a really rocks – and scribus. my laptop is not too well suited for heavy image editing, this is one more reason to use bibble instead of lightzone. to compile the book should be not too difficult, as the framework is ready: a blurb book is going to be the print target. now it’s high time for doing the final selection.


  1. Hi, Markus,

    Good plan for the book! Count me in for a copy. I've been enjoying (though in some cases I'm not sure that's the best choice of verb) your photos from Batticaloa very much. I envy your opportunity to take part in these projects.

  2. great shot, keep up the good work, your photography is very good.

  3. Sounds indeed like a natural conclusion from the series of fishermen photos that you've poster over time. Looking forward to it!

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