interpreting ‘twins’

no time to go out shooting today. experimented with kids pics again, trying to move from illustration to interpretation, shakin’ off the fear of grain, trying to get hold of that ‘twins’ fascination. they are in many aspects so unresembling, but then again share quite a lot of attitudes like the posture of their head. entering this new territory of interpretation, less straight photography, hopefully also less square in a sense, i still have no validation system to help me judge if i’m right or way off. definitely a thing to develop, but it will take time. so here i go with a first essay on the ‘twins’ topic.


  1. Captured very nicely. I’ve always been interested in twins. Wanted to be one when I was a kid and wanted to have twins, but didn’t:-) I like this image and they look beautiful. Love their hair.

  2. Heh.. At first it bit scary, like a figure standing behind your back, figure you are totally not aware off..
    But then you start to notice the similarities between the figure 🙂

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