shadows on the wall

regarding the right balance ilan remarked tongue-in-cheek ‘The most brilliant artists, are those who were unstable ;)’. undeniably, great works of art were created by borderline artists, and the world would be poorer without those pieces. in my humble opinion however, this is a role model that is connected with quite some drawbacks not only for the artists – they are solely responsible for their actions as everybody else – but also for their surroundings. not easy to have a brother who cuts his ear, to switch from bank business to painting and so on. undeniable those resumes hint to hardships for the relatives of the artist.

so balancing the artistic way with the necessities of daily life in my eyes has its merits (i don’t decline the possibility that this could be pure convenience) and looking at both sides of the medal, at action and reaction, at form and shadow for me does reveal things to see, to percieve and to appreciate – enough food for my photography at least.

the image above was accomplished in the very last minute of a family excursion, when i just went back to fetch my gear. now late in the evening, in the really quiet hours of the day, it revealed its quality for me and asked for a tiny bit extra treatment to balance the shapes.

and trying to balance my visual perception with some music, i found Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now in a life recording on you tube. highly recommended.


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