commuting speed king

carl weese made me rethink my decision to convert my hometown monstrosities to black and white. yep – the german saying that someone has tomatoes on his/her eyes seems fit here: i was so concentrated on that wideangle effect and the dynamic lines that i just did not pay attention to the subject: overdone color to the perdition of our kids optical systems. so i will re-work my raw files and possibly re-shoot the subject.

in the meantime one of the reasons to carry my camera everywhere: the commuting train to munich is not so banal when shot in the morning light where the blue of the sky nicely complements the striking red of the waggons. and i confirm on oath that i did not touch the saturation slider.

commuting speed king(2) and the morning light was so beautiful that it even caused me to drop the newspaper (anyhow bad news everywhere, thomas is so right). the world does not change if we look out of the window to pay attention to every day’s beauty, but it might give us some power to fight the big and small evils everwhere.


  1. Well said, Markus!

    A propos b/w: if I convert a picture to b/w I always make a side by side comparison to check the effect of color on the pictures content.

  2. I love this picture. The red is so deep and beautiful. The lines really draw the viewer’s eye into the image and I think that the angle really makes what might have been an ordinary photo in an extraordinary one.

  3. The photo of Bad Traunstein is simply wonderful! Love the cool blue colors with the icy plumes from the chimneys. And it works especially well with the intense colors of the primary photo in your post. A really nice play with the contrasts between the two shots…

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