from the ‘instead of eating burgers’ series. the tripod at home for sure is pretty useless. on the other hand, that overlay of noise on the fine structures in a certain way matches my eyesight degrading with upcoming twilight, so there is not much to complain. temperatures were cold, and color temperatures as well.

saalach marshes(2) in these pictures i actually had to turn down the saturation in bibble in order to better meet the mood of the situation.

i have developed a certain preference for landscape shots without sky, that is one of the reasons why i do prefer here the lead shot.

saalach marshes


3 thoughts

  1. The muted tones suit this material well. In this instance it helps convey the impression of cold and works quite well.

  2. Wintry…actually, those shots could have been taken a couple of meters from my doorstep.

    Keeping that somewhat dull sky out of the photo certainly adds to it – makes it visually much more intense.

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