buddhist temple, beijing

that christmas hiatus was not planned (not to self: better write holiday posts in advance…), so ex post my best christmas wishes, alternatively seasons greetings to you all. there is a small number of china pictures left which i would like to share, starting with this view of the buddhist temple in the summer residence of the emperor together with the 21. century skyline of beijing.

buddhist temple, beijing(2) walking and sightseeing in the middle of the crowd sometimes offers the opportunity to profit from posing meant for others, and this way i got the picture to the right. A lot of joy is in this pose, that’s why i like it.


  1. Amazing scenery. I love the way you composed this frame half building and peeking waters.
    Great stuff!

  2. The contrast between the ancient temple and the modern city lurking in the back – that’s what makes the photo for me… Great! Very symbolic, huh?

  3. I like this. The old temple, clear in the foreground. The new city skyline, obscured by fog/smog in the background. Well done.

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