kalmunai students iv

before you are afraid that this turns into a monothematic blog of kid pics – these are the last ones i’d like to show from kalmunai. sri lanka again experiences a wave of violence, and the east coast i visited 3 weeks ago is now more or less a no-go-area for foreigners.

kalmunai students iv(2)those kids have grown up in the civil war, and whilst kalmunai itself has not been in the center of real war-like actions, road block everywhere and killings in the villages have always been present since more than 25 years.


  1. Eye gaze from the plain children Sri Lanka / / Indeed, as this is all eyes gaze of children in the world / / Peace / / regard from Yogyakarta of Indonesia / /

  2. I find all of these images and the ones you have posted at Flicker to all tell a story and feel very moved by reading about the history there.

  3. Their eyes seem to show what they have had to endure. Their eyes seem to have lost that innocent childhood glimmer.

    Profound shot.

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