plimsoll mark, krk

feasting in red was a major attraction in the past holidays. here are two last images, the upper one really grabbed me with its strong forms. red is a major signal color with its own significance in the human perception system, and it is a rare color in my habitat (of course these facts are connected, an abundant color could not have that signalling capacity). here in old europe, especially in the bavarian countryside almost nothing is painted in bright red, and cars that are have a decent ‘show off’ quality and therefore get despised.

plimsoll mark, krk(2) but that croatian fisher boat wore an almost painful red, and when i saw it in the first morning sunlight this red was boosted by the low sun to almost insufferableness.


  1. Red is one of my favorite colors, but actually more of a deeper red. I don’t care for a bright red car and it’s a matter of record that red cars in America get more traffic tickets than any other color.

    Your image has an art quality. The reflection has created a wonderful pattern. I like it and I like the info you shared.

  2. Ouch! I wonder how your camera and your eyes survived… ­čśë

    I really like the first picture, more than the 2nd one (I think). It’s somewhat more focussed, graphical and the red is a bit tamed by the muted reflection in the waters. The second one seems more documentary to me…

  3. It was very good that his red colour. Liked to see the reflection of the red colour available in water, the wave of water was felt moving or lifely. Regards From Yogyakarta Indonesia.

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