philemon and baucis, baska version(2) the little town of baska at the south end of the krk island, croatia, provided some surprises. a small settlement in the shadow of krk city, it has a lively history as a spa, beginning with the attraction of tchech tourists very early in the last century. now the new part with the resorts and the old center with its narrow alleys are well separate, and the view from this old part out into the bay is magnificient. But even more magnificient is the old cemetery on the mountain, where i found this double cross headstone with the double portrait on it.

philemon and baucis, baska version(3) the overview from the cemetery shows the bay of baska, impressive with those steep mountains on the surrounding islands. the port lost its importance as a protected bay for sailing vessels with the arrivals of the steamers that only headed for krk on krk. now tourism is the major source of income here, after the vineyards have been devastated during the socialist regime.

philemon and baucis, baska version


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  1. Beautiful. Especially the last one brings back fond memories. Between Prvic to the left and Sveti Grgur behind it to the right, the mountains far in the background, that must be Rab, where I spent four beautiful summer holidays from ages 12 to 15 🙂


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