tsunami ruins with bike and crow

nice pat on the back yesterday: in my flickr account i found a mail from a journalist of tamilweek.com, notifying that they had – in accordance with the creative commons license i put on my pictures and blog – taken my blog entries and compiled them to a news feature named portraits from kalmunai. What I found appealing and a positive experience is the fact that they did not clandestinely copy and paste, which is something that so many authors experience nowadays, but behaved like high-standard journalists from the good old days in the midst of the snake pit internet.

content-wise i made my rants about the political situation there heard, now i just wait for the miracle that this has some effect.


  1. You pulled a “WOW” out of me 🙂
    That’s just show you (me, in this case) how something that looks “small” in a frame makes such a big difference. That crow over there… Superb. Brings life to such a static photo. Magnificent work

  2. Congrats on having your photos “recycled” and put to good use – and even together with your texts. Great…! I guess that miracle will not happen instantaneously – but steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein…

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