think pink

think pink was a mountaineering related slogan some 20 years ago, connecting environment awareness with fashion and style. searching the web turned out that it still exists in both senses, however i could not find statement about it’s importance nowadays (again in both senses…)

here this title is to take literally, thanks to the tulips in my garden and my new 17-70mm lens which has a p&s-like macro focusing right from the glass of the front lens. first and foremost i bought it to reduce the number of lenses (and number of lens changes in dusty environment) for the upcoming business trip to sri lanka, beeing a replacement for my trusty 17-35 plus 28-75, but this macro function is really handy, too.


  1. Yeah, yeah… Wasn’t it you that recently left a comment in my blog that your daughters help you from preventing to buy too much new gear? I guess, they are not soo good at it… ;-))

    Sorry, couldn’t resist – but you certainly put the new kid on the block to good use! I always like those close, semi-abstract marcos.

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