autumn in Wappach

Wappach is a really small creek flowing along a district road – nothing spectacular, and so it took me 12 years to find it and explore its photogenic qualities. the picture above is taken maybe 10m away from some private gardens in an almost empty streambed due to the autumnal low water situation.

i started the work with raw therapee and am astonished about the quality of raw conversion and the speed of the program, both a pleasant surprise after the debacle with lightzone. It still is not as feature-rich as lightzone, but in fast development. And not using lightzone any more is finally a matter of pride, too.


  1. I love those pictures, maybe you can put a little bit more contrast and the photo is perfect, great photo shot..!

  2. Nice wet shot 😉

    Flowing water always provides some interesting photographic possibilities – and it’s usually a nice place to be.

    I like the perspective, with the water coming from the background and then streaming towards the viewer. I would agree somewhat with Lennie – maybe boosting the colors and the contrasts a bit. But that might be just a matter of personal taste, of course.

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