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Stick No Bills


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria Ice cream season will beginn in May, maybe April, so there’s still some time to go. To avoid the abuse of their shop window, the owners of this ice cream parlor put on the usual “stick no bill” order.

Not Showing Face


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria The winter has not been really hard since quite some years, but for the rhododendrons it can still be too cold. Veiling them in in winter time is a good safety measure.

Unrequited Love


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria That Pete Seeger has died, I feel as a great loss. He certainly was a not only a fabulous singer/songwriter, but also personified that America of hope and of freedom. In that sense, see this heart with stars and strips as the well deserved symbol of affection that many Germans feel for… Read more »

New Gallery “Tree Shadows”

Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria All the Christmas and New Year related errands didn’t stop me seeing (a small wonder, by the way), and so the drawings of the sun on walls and plaster did not escape my attention. When the shops were closed and no more things could be acquired and brought into the flat, I… Read more »

Celestial Army


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria … made in China, sold in a 1€ shop. If you want to estimate the decline of a city, just count those el-cheapo shops.

Christmas Lottery


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria The text says: No admission to the lottery under the age of 18. Gambling can create addiction. Did I write already that I am allergic against Christmas abuse?

Long Shadows, Hard Backlight


Golling, Bad Reichenhall (OSM) This image would have been a challenge for most digital cameras more than one year old. Unfortunately I am spoiled by the excellent rendering of the sensor in my old Sony A-700, so when switching to M43 I was a bit unhappy about the Panasonic G3′s difficulties when framing into the… Read more »

Still Green


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria Not all the leaves have turned yellow up to now, as there still was no hard frost that would have hit the weeds. Unusual for this time of the year, this is.

Walker, Followed


Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria So I had to bring my eyeglasses to the optometrist today, sacrificing hard earned cash for a support of my degrading eyesight (to much time in front of a computer screen, but the eye specialist confirmed that it’s normal for my age – that *is* reassuring). Anyhow, a m4/3 camera is small… Read more »