Monthly Archives: July 2010

Marshall Watching

My friend Carl Weese sent me this image today: Their cat Marshall scrutinizing the last post on spring2life, probably checking if that small biker might make up a substitute for a mouse. Seems that spring2life has some renommee also with quadrupeds. Thanks Carl!

Bench and Biker

Found this just stepping out of the tramway, before entering the office. It seems there are certain predispositions where I just see. Now if I could only find the switch or trigger for it…

‘R’ for Reservation

Commuting again, while the summer weather takes a break to make place for rain showers and cold temperatures around 13°C in the morning (that’s 55°F for you folks outside the metric system). My self chosen lens diet – only the wideangle – is not a diet in the sense of restriction, instead reveals constantly new… Read more »


Working on prominent lines and combining strong foreground with a blurred, yet still informative background, I found new joy in wideangle perspectives. Of course I am curious if the partial unsharpness I deplored in my widangle images from Budapest and Krk is a problem of the lens – then I would be willing to replace… Read more »

Golden Light at the Backwaters

Sunday ended with a short excursion, one of the daughters with me. Talking a little bit, explaining to her an older film camera but also various plants and insects, and enjoying the last light of the sun, already hiding behind rain-filled clouds, but still providing a golden shine. Quality time, a reservoir for a week… Read more »