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Octoberfest generally is an easy place for candids, but in terms of speed, especially focusing speed with longer focal lengths, it can be demanding. But the people usually don’t object being photographed. Only inside the beer halls the breweries now imposed quite strict regulations to stop the publication of images showing drunk or half-naked customers…. Read more »


Rarely I have seen such determination as in the posture of this man, wandering to the beer halls of the Octoberfest here in Munich. Prost!

Krk Bracelet

During our holidays in Krk I bought a bracelet and matching armlet from a local artist. The ‘Galerija Dagmar’ is located at the main plaza of Krk and is the showroom of a family of artists. The water colour paintings shown there carry a wonderful reflection of the mediterranean light, and the silver works have… Read more »

Germany has voted: Illusions for all

So we had general elections today in Germany, and whilst it will take some hours until we see the official results, it is obvious that the majority of the voters preferred a coalition of parties that told them oh-so-good-to-believe lies: The main messages of the to-be ruling parties is that they will lower the taxes…. Read more »

Autumn Maple

After a greyish morning the weather became really fine in the afternoon, with warm and slightly golden sunlight, a fine match for the leaves that have not yet started their descent from summer’s green into autumn yellow and brown. In the city, where the temperatures yet don’t become really low at night, the geranium plants… Read more »